2 U L o v e
  • The Healing Garden                                                                                              TRUTH                                                                                  illuminates in Spirit

Literary Gifts of Wisdom are Sacred Truths unearthed as we search for  Higher Reason for  being. I am finding the greater treasures are those captured within my heart. While it is in me to share the wonderful news, it is also a struggle to give my heart away. You see, along the way I stumbled upon why artist are called starving. The artist or author does not stop until visions within his heart speaks through his work. He becomes a part of it and it a part of him. Yet, give it up he must, if he is to become known. Should he become famous, he no longer owns his first works. They are sold for the least yet becomes the most valued to the public and prized by himself. They are the works that led him to put his heart on display. 

This one way journey unfold truths of the Soul that leads the traveler onto a self-analysis path that non other than our Savior Jesus Christ may walk with him. 

     "this is my story . . . this is my song"                           TGPrentice '2013